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Friday, October 29, 2010

Send Me Softly

Lullaby Of Leaves
Send Me Softy - Milt Buckner
Capitol Records T938

This album was a bit of a surprise. First and needless to point out, any album featuring an image of a smoking hot model, or should I say, hot model... smoking is collectible.

This is my first Buckner album. Close your eyes and the music seems to be coming from the depths of a smoky basement lounge.

Excellent and inventive percussive organ played by Buckner.


  1. Hot model...smoking. That made me burst out laughing. This is SOOOOOOO amazing. It is very moody in the Gleason style and I adore it! I want to find some of his stuff for certain! THANKS, Mark!!

  2. Yes. The cover reminded me of Gleason and, in a way so did the "mood".


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