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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Oud

Fountain Scene
The Oud
Aram Arakelian Ensemble
Carlton Record Corporation STLP12/109

Here's a somewhat obscure recording from the period that the "exotica" music form was being "created" in the U.S. Martin Denny's album, "Exotica" was released in 1957. Exotica sparked interest in all types of international folk music.

The December 15, 1958 issue of Billboard found this album "...something from the "Arabian Nights" and should serve as a dramatic demonstration piece to show off the two-channel effect with a pair of good amps and speakers."

There is one thing about the album cover that cracks me up. The word "STEREO" was somehow affixed to the cover of this issue (although I've seen this catalog number jacket without this word) in a "fuzzy" or faux "velvet" applique. It's just weird.

That aside, the music is as the back cover states: "Rhythmically, a slight nod in the direction of western music will be apparent."

The music was arranged by George Mgrdichian. It is interesting to note that Mgrdichian has a CD out there titled "Oud" with the exact same artwork that appears on this album, but with different song titles.


  1. I pictured gypsies dancing around the campfire. And then, of course, a werewolf jumps out and breaks up the good time. Something about gypsies and werwwolves... I watched too many old movies.

  2. I ADORE THIS!! WOW I have Bose speakers on this computer so I am hearing it remarkably and am blown away!!!


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