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Thursday, April 25, 2024

The Platters


Have Mercy

The Platters
Mercury Records MG 20146

From the back cover: Mercury Records is proud to present to music lovers across the nation one of the most talented groups to hit the spotlight in years – The Platters. Here is a group, in strict tradition of show business, which hit the coveted stardom mark overnight. They rose as if from out of nowhere and in the space of a twinkling they became the hottest group of records, a smash nightclub act, and movie personalities. And, while all this is true, it must be pointed out that stardom is really only achieved after greatness is achieved – and this never comes "overnight". It took a record titled "Only You" for the four boys and girl known as the Platters to be recognized as stars of the show business world – and then, only because they were actually great, great from the day they first sang together in a rehearsal.

They young people in and around Los Angeles have known about the Platters for quite some time. These people can recall the group when they were only a quartet trying to make good. It was much after the group had sung together for a long time, that they came to the attention of a songwriter named Buck Ram. Buck took the group under his wing, taught them new material, routines, and staging, and techniques of singing. After the group started to sound the way he wanted them to sound, he added a female voice and finally achieved what he knew would be a saleable group and blend of harmony.

Credit for discoing the group should go to a disk jockey in Los Angeles, Hunter Hancock. He heard the group sing at an amateur night performance. The group began to get known on the west coast and not long after, they received their Mercury recording contract, and are now known clear across the country.

The group consists of Zola Taylor, the only female in the group, Tony Williams as first tenor, David Lynch as second tenor, Paul Robe as baritone and Herbert Reed as Bass. This group has a distinct advantage over most other groups in that much of their material is very visual and highly entertaining from the standpoint of a floor show or stage presentation. Above all, they are great, which is really their biggest advantage.

My Prayer
Why Should I
Remember When
Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered
I Wanna
I'm Sorry
Have Mercy
Someone To Watch Over Me
At Your Beck And Call
On My Word Of Honor
Heaven On Earth
Glory Of Love

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