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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Dinah Washington - A Memorial


Love Was Just An Interlude - Sarah Vaughan

Dinah Washington
A Memorial By Artists Who Knew Her Best
Coronet Records CXS-215

From the back cover: Dinah Washington, one of America's leading exponents of rhythm and blues is dead... but she will long be remembered in the world of music. Her audience was a large and loyal one, completely hypnotized by her distinctive style of song.

She was born Ruth Jones in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on August 28, 1924. As a young girl she moved to Chicago where she became immersed in religious music. At the young age of 15, she won a singing contest at Chicago's Regal Theatre. But it was in 1942 when Dinah opened at the Garrick Bar that things really began to move for her. An agent heard her singing one night and immediately arranged for her to sing with the great Lionel Hampton. It was at that time that her name was changed to Dinah Washington.

When she parted from the Hampton Band in 1948, she established for herself a reputation as the most important new rhythm and blues recording star of the decade.

Her religious background was obvious in her singing and, combined with blues and jazz, she entered the pop field, soaring to the top!

This memorial album by such great stars as Lean Horne, Ray Charles, Pearl Bailey, Cab Calloway and Sarah Vaughan, pays final tribute to a Great Lady Of Song.

Motherless Child - Lena Horne
Hit The Road To Dreamland - Pearl Bailey
A Little Blue - Gloria Lynne
Paris Blues - Margie Anderson
Love Was Just An Interlude - Sarah Vaughan
I Used To  Be So Happy - Ray Charles
St. James Blues - Cab Calloway
Blues Is My Middle Name - Ray Charles
She's Terrific - Cab Calloway
Here I Am - Ray Charles

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