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Monday, October 16, 2023

The Singing Side Of Jack Jackson


Scotch And Soda

Seven Daffodils

The Singing Side Of Jack Jackson
A Square Dancer's "After Party"
Folkraft Records - Newark, N.J.
LP 27

From the back cover: It was several years ago, the first time I saw Jack take his guitar, settle himself on a stool in front of a large fireplace at Grosvenor's Inn in Estes Park, Colorado, and proceed to keep his audience, most of whom were entirely uninitiated to the charm of any form of folk music, spellbound. Since that time it has been my good fortune to work with Jack at many square dance institutes and functions and watch him time and again bring folk music to square dance audiences in a manner that they could understand and appreciate.

Jack is a Navy veteran and since that time is also a veteran of many nation-wide calling tours which have taken him to every corner of the United States and Candid. These travels have given him an insight and an understanding of the things and places of which he sings.

Jack is one of those rare folk singers with at the ability and voice to sing a song as he "feels" it. He does not have to rely on gimmicks, electronic gadgets or echo chambers to "get a song across." This plus the fact that he is a highly skilled guitarist in a field where many of the singers are content with strumming a few chords while accompanying themselves, make him one of the best equipped men in this field.

I think that after you hear him sing on this album, if you have not already heard him at one of his personal performances, you will agree that he certainly has the vitality, sensitivity, and the style that distinguish him as a "top performer". – Frank Lane

This Train
I Am A Square Dance Caller
Scotch And Soda
The Pig
Far Side Of The Hill
The Caller
Seven Daffodils
Down At The Square Dance Institute
Waiter's Song
Lass Of The Low Country
Seven Nights Of Square Dance Class
Round Dance Song
Scarlet Ribbon
I Come For To Sing

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