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Monday, May 22, 2023

A New Kind Of Love - Erroll Garner


Paris Mist

Erroll Garner With Full Orchestra
Plays Music From The Paramount Motion Pictures
"A New Kind Of Love"
With Orchestra Conducted by Leith Stevens
Introducing Four New Compositions by Erroll Garner
Photo - Garner by T. Williams
Photos - Miss Woodward and Paul Newman, courtesy Paramount Pictures
Octave Records / Mercury Records MG20859

Instrumentation: 4 violas, 4 cellos, 1 bass, 1 harp, 6 wood wind artists with many doubles, 1 trumpet, 4 trombones, 3 percussion, 1 guitar and of course, 1 piano

From the back cover: Three orchestras worked from the blocked-out arrangements created by Garner, with Leith Stevens. Pete Rugolo developed the orchestrations if Mimi and In The Park In Parry, with exhilarating results. Jimmy Haskell orchestrated The Tease, and Nathan Van Cleave imaginatively orchestrated the remaining seven numbers. The piano parts, in al of the election herein, are unwritten. Garner improvised his parts on-the-spot at the actual recording sessions, intriguing even the most seasoned studio musicians on the dates with his daring inventions, different on each take.

Of Garner's spectacular ability to improvise the piano parts during the actual record with the orchestra, Stevens comments: "Erroll is a natural musical, born and brought up in the field of Jazz. He has a fantastic ear, a harmonic and melodic sense that won't stop, and a facile technique which will get him anywhere he wants to go. He had an electric effect on the entire orchestra with used performances to their peak. Most jazz performers play in one key throughout an arrangement on natter how long it is. Not Garner. He is pianistically at home and comfortable in any key. In fact, polytonality held no terrors for him. On several occasions we spread the orchestra through to tonalities sounding simultaneously, and his line never wavered – in truth, this exciting sound seemed to open up new vistas for him."

Garner, the pianist, as displayed here, is as strongly individual and unpredictable as ever. His sweeping piano within the large orchestra produces results that are bound to influence piano-with-orchestra, with Garner's new themes destined to take their place in the world of contemporary music, and his renditions of the film's standards giving vintage songs a new flavor.

You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
Fashion Interlude - Erroll Garner
Steve's Song - Erroll Garner
Paris Mist - Erroll Garner
Theme From A New Kind Of Love - Erroll Garner
In The Park In Parry
Paris Mist - Erroll Garner
The Tease - Erroll Garner

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