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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Four Freshmen - University Four


Rockin' Chair

Joe Jumps

Four Freshmen
With Special Guest Stars - University Four
Coronet Records CXS-279

From the back cover: The Four Freshmen are Ross and Don Barbour, Hal Kratszch and Bob Flanagan. They had their humble beginning at the Arthur Jordon Conservatory of Music in Indianapolis where they first met and made music together. Discovering that they had mutual tastes and a happy blend of voices, the group decided to try to apply there talents commercially.The  foursome is especially noted for its versatility. Toss, the drummer, doubles on trumpet.His brother,Don, the guitar man, splits vocal solos with Hal, who handles trumpet, bass and French horn. Bob played both bass and trombone.

The University Four are an up-and-coming instrumental combo. These boys also do a wonderful job in the vocal department. The group consisted of Phil Zito on accordion; Joe Giordano, violinist; Jimmy McNichol, guitarist and Pete Rogers on bass.

Rockin' Chair
Ain't Seen Nothin' Like You
That's My Desire
This Heart Is For Sale (Kirby Stone Four)
Slow Poke
Hot Canary
Joe Jumps

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