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Thursday, March 2, 2023

The Beat - Red Prysock



The Beat 
Red Prysock and His Orchestra
Mercury Records 20307

From the back cover: The popularity of Red Prysock testifies to the multitudes of people who hear and react to his music. "Red," says a prominent booking agency official, "does a wonderful job wherever he goes. There are places like the Rock and Roll Room in Pittsburgh where Red could play 15 times a year, and always have a winning week." Red's followers extend into Canada too, and he plays there often with consistent success.

Red is now beginning a new area of exploration. Recently, he played his first college date. It was at the University of Maryland, and the director of student activities wrote to Red's booking agency that he had never seen such enthusiasm before among the student body for a musical attraction.

Red Prysock, who first became widely known by his tenor solo on Tiny Bradshaw's record of Soft, has been a leader-in-demand since 1953. Red grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. His brother, incidentally, is the equally established singer, Arthur Prysock. Before joining Tiny Bradshaw, Red gained experience in projecting the language of uninhibited rhythm and blues, using those terms literally.

On all but three of these numbers, the nucleus of Red's band consists of Joseph Oliver Blair, Clarence Wright, William Davis, Thomas Barney and Harry Marsh. Cornelius Thomas is added on Miss Clawdy, Foot Stomping' and Mashin' Potatoes. On Earth Rock and Lion's Den, Red's sidemen are Leo Bleyins, Clarence Wright, Rufus Gore, Joseph Oliver Blair, Lucius Weathers, Herb Gordy and Jerome Potter.

From Billboard - November 25, 1957: A sock instrumental package for rock and roll jocks and jukes. Prysock plays up a danceable storm with standout sax solo work and a happy, driving beat. Selections all marked by a strong, exciting tempo, include "Lawdy Miss Clawdy," "He's A Real Gone Guy" and "Rooster Walk."

Tea Bird
Purple Wail
He's A Gone Guy
Rooster Walk
Fog Wog
2 Point 8
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Foot Stompin
Mashin' Potatoes
Earth Rock
Lions Den

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