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Monday, March 27, 2023

One For My Baby - Georgie Shaw


I Wanna Be Loved

One For My Baby
Georgie Shaw
With Jack Pleis and His Orchestra
Decca Records DL 8379

From the back cover: One of America's newest talents, Georgie Shaw has already proved his is not merely singer but something of a sensation. The story of his success is also somewhat spectacular.

His beginning was simple enough – it duplicates that of the average American youngster anywhere in the country. Georgie was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvanian, January 5th, 1930. Raised in the "City of Brotherly Love," he attended the Fell School, Thomas Joiner High School (where one of his schoolmates was Eddie Fisher), and South Philadelphia High School.

He never intended to be a singer – his only performance in Junio High was in the school show when he was thirteen. Basketball was his major interest. Even when he graduated from High School, Georgie thought of singing only as a personal pleasure. He entered the retail business in the linen trade as one of the youngest buyers in the country. One night at a party at Philadelphia's Embassy Club, Georgie happened to sing, and was persuaded to quit his job and professionalize. He auditioned for the Smart Spot and was hired for three days – at twenty dollars, For a year and a half after that, Georgie played all the clubs in and around Philadelphia and appeared on local radio and television shows.

Georgie Shaw had never taken a singing lesson in his life until one night, while vocalizing for his own entertainment in a Turkish Bath, he was heard by one of the customers, John Palmer. Palmer happened to  be a vocal coach and, thanks to his skill and Georgie's naturally vibrant voice, Georgie Shaw developed a new and impressive style.

His first Decca record caused a great dal of excitement – so much excitement that it was only a question of time before an entire album of Georgie Shaw would be issued. "One For My Baby" is a splendid showing of this singer's gifts. Young in feeling and sound in appeal, Georgie Shaw renders these standard melodies in a warm and mellow mood. The spirit is romantic and the way of expressing it is irresistible.

From Billboard - February 9, 1957: Like many another package released in recent months, this might be labelled, "mood music," with vocals." That's the size of it, and Shaw has the talent to make the package entirely listenable. The romantic standards get the usual strong representation with "Love Letters," "One For My Baby," "Like Someone In Love." Shaw has a fresh and light approach to the material which has a lot of charm. Package can pull air time. Order carefully, however, till a test period can determine response.

One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
Don't You Know What Love Is
For All We Know
That's All 
Detour Ahead
Love Letters
I Dream Of You (More Than You Dream I Do)
I Wanna Be Loved
Like Someone In Love
Long Ago (And Far Away)
My Heart Isn't In It

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