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Friday, February 3, 2023

The Divine One - Sarah Vaughan


Gloomy Sunday

The Divine One
Sarah Vaughan
Produced by Teddy Reig
Photo: Arnold Meyers
Roulette Birdland SR 52060

From the back cover: Reader of the dictionary define the adjective di-viné as pertaining to a deity; heavenly or supremely admirable. Listeners of music however, define the word in far more effective terms. To them its meaning is simply – Miss Sarah Vaughan. The title "The Divine One" is an appellation Sarah Vaughan as carried with unpretentious distinction. She does not claim the name, but her thrilling talent does. She is an uncommon song stylist and in her voice there is magic. In this new outing "Sassy" sheds the large orchestra, the overloaded addition of voices, the cluttered arrangements. Instead, with the aid of Jimmy Jones' arrangements she dramatically turns in a stunning "flat-footed" singing performance of some superb songs. Four of the songs are rendered with just a rhythm section plus the muted trumpet of Harry "Sweets" Edison. Another four feature the soft caress of woodwinds while the remainder of the numbers rely on the backing of a small band sound. For most singers, vocalizing without the heavy-handed force of a big arrangement is the "acid test." For Sarah Vaughan it's really no test, it is something that comes effortlessly, naturally. Here then is the pure sound of Sarah Vaughan, a sound that convinces us that the readers of Webster are wrong about the word devine. They can keep their meaning... we'll stick with ours...

Have You Met Miss Jones?
Ain't No Use
Every Time I See You
You Stepped Out Of A Dream
Gloomy Sunday
What Do You See In Her
Jump For Joy
When Your Lover Has Gone
I'm Gonna Laugh You Out Of My

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