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Thursday, February 9, 2023

El Exigente - Chico Hamilton


Maybe Tomorrow, Never

El Exigente
The Demanding One
Chico Hamilton
Produced by Bob Thiele
Cover Photos: Charles Stewart
Liner Photos: Ray Ross
Design: Lou Oueralt
A Product of Flying Dutchman Productions, Ltd.
Philips STEREO 6369 405

Drums: Chico Hamilton
Electric Alto Saxophone: Arnie Lawrence
Guitar: Bob Mann
Bass: Steve Swallow

Maybe Tomorrow, Never (a suite)
 a) As I Open My Eyes
 b) Take Me Home
 c) I Came And Saw The Beauty Of Your Love
 d) How 'bout Bobby?
 e) Stomp, Stomp, Stomp
 f) Swingin' On A Star

a) Up Front What Counts 
b) On The Trail (from Grand Canyon Suite)
c) Seat Belt
d) Volvo's
e) Gonna Get Some Right Now

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