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Monday, January 9, 2023

Sarah Vaughan - Michel Legrand


Blue, Green, Grey And Blue

Sarah Vaughan
Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Michel Legrand
Michel Legrand Courtesy of Bell Records
Produced by Bob Shad
Engineer: Chuck Britz
Cover Photograph: William Hennigar
Photography: Charles Fretzin
Consultant: Marshall Fisher
Album Design: Ruby Mazur's Art Department
Mainstream Records 361

Keyboard: David Grusin, Mike Wofford, Artie Kane

French Horns: Vince De Rosa, Bill Hinshaw, Art Maebe, George Price, Sinclair Lott, Ralph Pyle, Dick Perissi, Dick Macker

Guitar: Tom Tedesco

Bass: Ray Brown, Chuck Berghofer, Bob Magnusson

Fender: Chuck Rainey

Drums: Shelly Manne, John Guerin

Percussion: Larry Bunker

Oboe: Arnold Koblenz

Woodwinds: Bud Shank, Pete Christlieb, Jerome Richardson, Bob Cooper, Bernie Fleischer

Trumpet: Buddy Childers, Chuck Findlay, Conte Candoli, Gary Barone, Al Aarons

Trombones: Lloyd Ulyate, Charley Loper, Frank Rosolino, Grover Mitchell, Bob Knight, George Roberts

Tuba: Tommy Johnson

Violins: Israel Baker, Ralph Schaeffer, Arnold Belnick, Marvin Limonick, George Berres, Shirley Cornell, Sam Freed, Alex Murray, Thelma Beach, Bernie Kundell, George Kast, Herman Clebanoff, Carl Lamaga, Joe Stepansky, Anatol Kaminsky, Irv Geller, Joe Chessman, Nate Kaproff, Dorothy Wade, Mort Herbert, Hal Dicterow, Glenn Dicterow, Erno Neufeld, Jake Krachmalnick, Gerry Vinci, Jim Getzoff.

Viola: Allan Harshman, Milt Thomas, Rollice Dale, Alex Neiman, Myer Bello, Bob Ostrowsky, Virginia Majewski, Mary Newkirk, Dave Schwartz, Myra Kestenbaum

Cello: Ed Lustgarden, Ray Kramer, Fred Seykora, Ron Cooper, Marie Fera, Emmett Savent, Jesse Erilich

Basses (Arco): Milt Kestenbaum, Abe Luboff, Mickey Nadel, Pete Mercurio, Ray Siegel

Harp: Dorothy Remsen, Verlye Mills

Voices: Evangeline Carmichael, Sally Stevens, Suzy McCune, Sara Jane Kane, Jackie Ward,  Betty Jane Baker, Sue Allen, Peggy Clark, Ron Hicklin, John Bahler, Tom Bahler, Gene Merlino, Mitch Gordon, Jan Smith, Gene Morford

The Summer Knows (Theme from "Summer Of '42)
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
Once You've Been In Love
Hands Of Time (Brian's Song)
I Was Born In Love With You
I Will Say Goodbye
Summer Me, Winter Me
His Eyes, Her Eyes
Pieces Of Dreams
Blue, Green, Grey And Gone

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