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Friday, November 25, 2022

Jimmy Raney Featuring Bob Brookmeyer


Jim's Tune

Jimmy Raney
Featuring Bob Brookmeyer
Produced by Creed Taylor
Engineers: Frank Abby & Earl Brown
ABC-Paramount ABC-129

Jimmy Raney - Guitar
Bob Brookmeyer - Valve Trombone
Teddy Kotick - Bass
Osie Johnson - Drums
Dick Katz - Piano (on Isn't It Romantic, How Long Has This Been Going On?, Get Off The Roof and Jim's Tune)
Hank Jones - Piano (on No Male For ME, 

From the back cover: 

Raney, James Elbert 
Guitar, Arranger
Born Louisville, KY 8/20/27

Father a prominent newspaperman. Studied w. A.J. Giancolla and Hayden Causey; the latter recommended Raney to replace him in Jerry Wald band in NYC 1944. After two months w. Wald he went to Chicago, working there w. Max Miller, Lou Levy and many local combos. Toured w. Woody Herman Jan-Sept. '48. Worked in trio w. Al Haig for awhile, then Buddy De Franco sextet, and off and on w. Artie Shaw in 1949 and '50. Following 2 months w. Terry Gibbs, he joined the Stan Getz quintet and was responsible w. Getz for the unique combo sound achieved by the group during their two years together.

Starting in March '53 Raney spent a year with the Red Norvo trio, toured Europe with him in Jan-Feb. '54. He then joined Les Elgart for 3 months, later worked with the Jimmy Lyon trio at the Blue Angel in NYC. Raney,  superlative musician, is to the guitar what Lee Konitz is to the alto sax. He has written a number of striking compositions, among them Signal, Motion, Lee, Five, Minor. Favs: Tal Farlow, Ch. Christian. He won the DB critic's poll 1954 – Leonard Feather, The Encyclopedia Of Jazz Horizon Press

Also from the back cover: In the tense atmosphere of the recording studio, I have found only a few musicians with whom I feel at ease. I believe that almost any jazz musician will tell you the same thing. What you need is not only technical proficiency – even brilliance – but a man whose ideas stimulate you, and who is in turn stimulated by your ideas. This is the kind of relationship, to my mind, the produces good jazz. I believe Bob Brookmeyer meets all specifications. We are at ease playing together; we get fresh ideas from each other.

Hank Jones plays piano on No Make For Me, The Flag Is Up, No One But Me and Too Late Now. Dick Katz is on the remaining four. Teddy Kotick is on Bass and Osie Johnson is on Drums on all the sides. I felt that the rhythm section worked extremely well together and with Bob and me.

On the technical side, the importance of the studio and engineers cannot be over-emphasized. Some mechanical set-ups may be fine for some groups, but the equipment and the attitude and taste of the engineer make another group sound mediocre. Engineers Frank Abby and Earl Brown did a first rate job for us. – Jimmy Raney

Isn't It Romantic
How Long Has This Been Going On?
No Male For Me
The Flag Is Up
Get Off That Roof
Jim's Tune
No One But Me
Too Late Now

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