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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Anita O'Day


The Man I Love

Anita O'Day
Cover Photo Courtesy of Melvin Levine
Dobre Records 1014
Distributed by Ray Lawrence, Ltd., Studio City, California

From the back cover: Anita O'Day has experienced a very long, incredible career as a song stylist, starting in walkathons of the '30's and currently touring several times a year worldwide. As this album goes to press she has just returned from a month tour of Europe in concerts and jazz clubs to appear in New York City the month of September 1977.

Her recordings total the equivalent of about 60 LP albums. This includes all the early single recordings from the Gene Krupa and Stan Kenton bands which have been re-issued on LPs plus the Verve series currently re-issued in Japan, South America, Europe, etc.

In 1975 and 1976 she recorded four albums in Japan during two highly successful tours there. This album is a collection of tunes recorded in Tokyo, June 30, 1976 at the famous Mouri Studios produced by Tokao Ishizuka and released in Japan on the TRIO label. It is the first of the Japanese albums to be made available in the U.S.A. There will be more forthcoming.

Featured on piano is Merrill Hoover from San Francisco, the great George Morrow of Clifford Brown/Max Roach fame on bass and Anita's longtime associate John Poole on drums.

There is no need to elaborate on Anita's vocal style or phrasing or influence over dozens of other singers; it is obvious to the long-time listeners and to the many music critics the world over.  – John Poole, August 23, 1977 - Studio City, California

Our Love Is Here To Stay
Come Rain Or Come Shine
The Man I Love
After You've Gone
Body And Soul
Day Of Wine And Roses
The Nightingale Sand In Barkley Square
Why Shouldn't I

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