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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Presenting "Cannonball" - Cannon Ball Adderley


Still Talkin' To Ya

Presenting Cannonball
Julian "Cannon Ball" Adderley
Rudy Van Gelder: Engineer
Notes & Supervision: Ozzie Cadena
Savoy Jazz SJC 401 (MG 12018)
1984 SJ Records, Inc.

From the back cover: I am writing this in the hope that when you do pick up this album in your favorite record store, that you will take the opportunity to listen to a bit of it. Just a couple of choruses by "Cannon Ball" will be enough to assure you of his stature as a Jazzman. This is not necessarily an introduction to "Cannonball" as he was introduced on records via a previous album called "Bohemia After Dark" Savoy MG-12017, which was just released a week before this. If you've already heard that album, you are sure to pick up this one also as here "Cannon Ball" is given quite a bit more time to express himself as this album features less horns, two, as against four in the "Bohemia After Dark" Album. What I'm trying to say is that this is "Cannon Ball's" date and, as a leader, he blows more solos than do his very capable assistants. His brother, Nat, is blowing Cornet, yeah, I said Cornet. It sounds like Trumpet, but I guess there is a slight difference to a guy that blows Cornet. I don't think I would guess which was the Trumpet or Cornet if I were given a blindfold test. Could you?

Nat tells me he gets more facility on Cornet that's why he made the change from Trumpet. Besides blowing some of the most exciting Jazz today, Nat collaborated with Juilian on "Spontaneous Combustion" and "Still Talkin' To Ya." "A Little Taste" and "Caribbean Suite" are by Julian.

Paul Chambers is the Bassist on these sides and he's a joy to hear. This is a Detroit youngster who will go a long way in our Jazz field (at this writing he was 20 years old). He blows just as well whether he's picking' or bowing and his ideas are wonderful. He certainly is an asset to this group

What can I say about Hank Jones and Kenny Clarke? I'm sure that by now you all know of their talents and to compliment them again would only be repetitious. For those of you that haven't yet realized their talents, I can only suggest that you listen. We, at Savoy, are proud that we are able to present another fine Jazz recording to you, the Jazz Enthusiast, and we sincerely hope that this will give you many, many hours of listening pleasure

From Billboard - November 26, 1955 (MG 12018): After the big buildup here's the proof" Cannonball is quite an alto man. He's directly in the tradition of Charlie Parker; has similar tone, similar unpredictable rhythmic patterns in hi solo line, and a real "take charge" attack. This is strong, vibrant, swinging jazz of the moderate-modern school. "It's a great conversation piece, and talk will lead to sales in shops where it can be plugged.

Spontaneous Combustion 
Still Talkin' To Ya
A Little Taste
Caribbean Cutie

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