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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Back Again - The Bachelors

Pagan Love Song

The Bachelors
Back Again
Executive Producer: Dick Rowe
London MONO LL 3393

From the back cover: Early in the summer of 1962 a young lady called me from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Saying that she has a mouth-organ act called The Harmonichords appearing for the summer at Arborath, a small seaside town in Scotland. She asked me to meet her there during the season to see the boys, who sang in addition to playing.

I had been on many goosechases through the years, so I figured one more couldn't hurt.

A few weeks later I was in Arbroath and met the lady agent (Dorothy Solomon), and the three boys whose names where John Stokes, Dec and Con Clusky. The boy's act consisting of nearly sixteen minutes of mouth-organs didn't leave too much of an impression. However, they did sing a couple of Irish folk songs. It is difficult to think back two years with great accuracy, but I do recall quite clearly that I like their singing very much. I wondered if they could handle songs with rather more general appeal, and which song I should suggest for them to learn for a recording test. Just about the most important Decca record of all time is Mantovani's 'Charmaine", so I thought 'why not a vocal version.' I left Arbroath the next day having promised my four new friends that when summer was over we would make a test recording tape with the boys singing 'Charmaine' at our studios in London. During the next eight or nine weeks that followed the boys spent every spare moment of every day working out and perfecting their interpretation of the song, so that when they eventually recorded 'Charmaine' as a test it turned out so well when the record that they found themselves with a recording contract.

When the record was released on December 13 of that year you met the Bachelors for the first time, and it seemed that Dorothy's faith and belief  in them had been so right. Fame and fortune that has come their way since then.

For those of us who would like to refresh recent memories, and for new friends, this LP contains great songs that you may not have heard them sing before.

If by chance not all of your favorite songs are included drop Dorothy a line care of London. I'm sure she'll ask the boys to learn them so that they may offer them to you on their next album. – Dick Rowe

Moonlight And Roses
I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
I Wouldn't Trade You For The World
Melody Of Love
The Little White Cloud That Cried
With These Hands
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Pagan Love Song
Ten Pretty Girls

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