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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Drums And Chants - Native Afro-Cuban Rhythms


Bembe Kinigua

Drums And Chants 
Native Afro-Cuban Rhythms
Mongo Santa Maria Afro Cubans
Produced by Ralph Seijo
Cover Photo: Melvin Sokolsky
Tico LP- 1037
A Division of Roulette Records, Inc.

From the back cover: This collection is certainly one of the most authentic sets ever to be recorded and released in this country. It features one of the most famed native exponents of this field – Mongo Santa Maria and his Afro-Cuban group.

In thi album you will hear the group play twelve outstanding examples of "music folklorica" (folk music). Most of the material was written especially for this album by Silvestre Mendez, Valdes, Collazo, Santa Maria and Antardali. Antardali is well-known as the creator of the "batiri" rhythm.

Margarito - Rumba Guaguanco
Calumbia - Rumba Columbia
Columbia - Rumba Columbia
Abacua Ecu Sagare - Nanigo
Yroco - Bembe
Ochun - Bembe
Bembe Kinigua - Batiri
Druma Kuyi - Bata
Consejo Al Vive Bien - Guaguanco
Moforiboere - Ritmo Lucumi
Oromiso - Ritmo Lucumi
Congo Mania - Comparsa

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