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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Porgy And Bess - Diahann Carroll & The Andre Previn Trio


What You Want Wie Bess

Porgy And Bess
Diahann Carroll 
And The Andre Previn Trio
Produced and Directed by Jack Lewis
Recording Engineer: Art Becker
Cover Photo: Lester Bookbinder
Cover Design: Paul Bacon
United Artists Records UAL 4021


* Andre Previn, piano; Joe Mondragon, bass; Larry Bunker, drums
** Andre Previn, piano; Keith Mitchell, bass; Frank Capp, drums
*** Andre Previn, piano

From the back cover: Diahann, though barely in her twenties, has long ago made her mark in the world of music. When she was but ten she won a Metropolitan Opera scholarship, for her singing ambitions were apparent early. By the time she as all of eighteen she had abandoned what might have been a career in sociology to appear on the television show, "Chance Of A Lifetime," and stayed for several weeks. This was followed by a booking into the Latin Quarter and other night clubs across the country. Diahann made her Broadway debut as the enchanting Ottilie in the Harold Arlen musical House Of Flowers, where she received the applause of both public and critics. Since then she has been kept busy recording, making TV appearances on such major shows as the Ed Sullivan program, the Steve Allen hour, and the Jack Paar show. All of this in between singing engagements at the finest supper clubs in America and Europe.

Andre is a jack of all trades and master of all. As pianist, arranger,  and conductor he is equally at home in the field of the classics, popular music, and jazz. A prodigy, Andre was hired by a movie studio as an arranger as soon as he had graduated from high school. Ever since he has been busy as an arranger and conductor in films (his most recent conducting was done for the popular Gigi – and of course, Porgy And Bes), in addition to playing with jazz groups and recording. As a jazz pianist, Andre is considered one of the greatest around. And like so many fine musicians his enthusiasm for the music of Gershwin is genuine and perceptive – as is evident in these arrangements. 

From Billboard - March 23, 1959: One of the many, new "Porgy And Bess" packages, this one is interesting for its fresh arrangements and jazz orientation. Pianist-arranger Andre Previn and Miss Carroll's projection infuse the score with brightness. This can garner a good share of the action.

My Man's Gone Now***
I Got Plenty Of Nuttin'**
Porgy, I Is You Woman*
Oh, I Can't Sit Down**
It Ain't Necessarily So*
What You Want Wie Bess**
I Loves You Porgy***
There's Somebody Knockin'*
There's A Boat That's Leavin' Soon For New York**

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