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Friday, January 14, 2022

Country And Eastern - Ed Henry


Bomb The Moon

Country And Eastern
Ed Henry
Produced by Ed Labunsky
Cover Photo: Frank Lerner
Cover Design: Michael Mendel
Epic Records LN 24249

From the back cover: Take one young man, 29 years of age, brought up in Cincinnati. His father is a well-known serious composer. His mother is a painter.

Give the young man a background of various jobs while growing up such as: pin boy, disc jacket (glad to see he went straight); singing wrangler in Bandera, Texas; elevator operator (in common with Roger Miller); newspaper boy; on a construction crew; advertising copywriter (glad to see he went straight); credit investigator; nightclub comic. Furthermore, his credits include writing a musical at 18, and while in college writing serious poetry for the literary magazine, while at the same time managing a few singers. Recently on a television quiz program called "I Guess" he walked away with over $4,200. He has written industrial shows for such major companies as General Electric, B.F. Goodrich, Lipton Tea and Quaker Oats, plus music and lyrics for many well-known singing commercials. – Chris Lane, WJJD, Chicago.

From Billboard - June 17, 1967: Ed Henry is a country boy but he's no rube. He know what the score is and he tells it in his own songs with a wry approach that blends laughter and truth. There's a lot of Roger Miller in Henry but enough of his own identity comes through to give this newcomer a chance for a big score.

That's When I Guessed
Was Your Wife With Another Man Last Night
Mr. Sincere
Cigarette Ashes
Happy Misery
It It's For Me, I'm Not Here
Mother Of Pearl
The Ties That Bind
Bomb The Moon
Memories Don't Mean That Much To Me

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