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Monday, September 27, 2021

Her Nibs - Georgia Gibbs

Shoo Shoo Baby

Her Nibs
Georgia Gibbs
Vocal With Orchestra
Coral Records CRL 57183

From the back cover: Oft bemoaned these days is the sad fact that great training ground of performers par excellent, the vaudeville stage is virtually no more. But fortunately for record buyers of the mid-twentieth century, some kids started in vaudeville so very, very young that they acquired the polish and perfection of that fabulous school, and yet find themselves at the very apex of their careers today. Such a kid in Her Nibs, Miss Georgia Gibbs.

For Her Nibs inveigled her way onto the stage of one of Boston's prime vaude houses, the Plymouth, while she was still in her early teens. Georgia had been singing on a little radio station in Worcester, Massachusetts, whence she hails, and her warbling had already attracted the attention of the Plymouth House manager, when she auditioned for the job.

Georgia acquired further finesse and technique in another of the greatest showman-singer-schools – the hard school of the bands – playing the location jobs, the one-nighters, etc. before the tough and demanding, right-on-the-top-of-you hip audiences. This was the school from which less than a handful of male singing stars (the Como, Sinatras, et al), and virtually no female songsters graduated. And Georgia was with the one of the very best bands – among others – the famed Will Hudson-Eddie DeLange combination, fronted by two of the brightest arranger-conductors the music world has ever known.

This was the incomparable school from which Her Nibs graduated with flying colors. But she matriculated into still a more difficult, yet a far more rewarding institution: Network radio comedy shows, as the featured girl vocalist, and lovely foil straightman, if you prefer, to some of the business' sharpest wits. She did regular stints on network radio, for example, with Jimmy Durante and Danny Kaye. And worked innumerable guest shots with such other top funnymen as Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Benny Youngman, Groucho Marx and many others. Working with the top comics gave Her Nibs a sense of timing, and a capacity to "read a line" with an impeccable correctness possessed by few other popular singers.

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