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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Jazz Festival In Stereo - Near In And Far Out


Yet Nevertheless

Jazz Festival In Stereo
Near In And Far Out
Cover Photo: George Pickow / Three Lions, Inc.
Warner Bros. Records 1281

Under The Paris Skies
The Chico Hamilton Quintet
Gongs East

I've Found A New Baby
The Trombones, Inc.
The Trombones, Inc.

Bidin' My Time - But Not For Me - Embraceable You
Ruby Braff and The Shubert Cats
Ruby Braff Goes "Girl Crazy"

Anything Goes
The First Jazz Piano Quartet
The First Jazz Piano Quartet

Dick Cathcart, His Trumpet and Orchestra under the direction of Warren Baker
Bix Mcmlix

Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue
Marty Matlock and The Paducah Patrol
Four Button Dixie

Yet Nevertheless
The Fred Katz Orchestra
Folk Songs For Far Out Folk

Here's A How-Dee-Do
Jim Timmens and His Jazz All-Stars
Gilbert And Sullivan Revisited 

Blue Ribbon Charleston
The Bob Prince Tentette
Charleston 1970

You're Devastating 
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
The Morris Nanton Trio
The Original Jazz Performance Of Roberta

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