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Friday, January 18, 2019

Jazz Of The Connecticut Traditional Jazz Club 10

My Sweetie Went Away
Jazz Of The Connecticut Traditional Jazz Club 10
Recording Engineer: Glenn Allen
Album Design: Andrew Heminway
Mastering & Editing: Glen Allen, Pete Campbell, Bill Sinclair
Album Notes: Club Members
CTJC - SLP - 10 Stereo

From the back cover: This, we suppose, can be called our 10th "Anniversary Album", since it represents selections from our tenth full ConnTrad Concert year. Our beginnings can be traced to the January, 1965 appliance of George Lewis in Hamden. The society as it is presently organized from September, 1965.

Along the way there have been some memorable occasions, like the rousing "December Band" of 1965 with Kid Thomas, Cap'n. John Handy, Jim Robinson and Sammy Penn; and like that potentially disastrous February day in 1966 when it snowed the previous evening and nearly all the day of the concert, closing schools and businesses, only to have the heavens eventually quiet, the parking lot plowed, and Glorietta Manor in Bridgeport jammed with devotees to hear the famous Eureka Brass Band of New Orleans led by Percy Humphrey. And who remembers the July, 1968 visit of the Onward Brass Band, marching in the streets of Hartford? Or the SRO concert in December, 1969 of the Condon-McPartland Chicagoans featuring Gene Krupa
? Musicians have come from around the country and the world to present live jazz to our audiences.

The Ragtime Dance / Snake Rag
Max Collie's Rhythm Aces
Max Collie - Trombone / Leader, Noel Kalentsky - Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone, Jack Gilbert - Clarinet, Trevor Williams - Baritone Saxophone (?), Jim Macintosh - Banjo, Ron McKay - Drums
Wethersfield, CT. 4 May, 1974

Stack O'Lee Blues / Bogalusa Strut
The Galvanized Jazz Band
Fred Vigorito - Trumpet / Leader, Noel Kaletsky - Clarinet & Soprano Saxophone, Craig Grant - Trombone, Bill Sinclair - Piano, Art Hovey - Baritone Saxphone (?), Tuba, Joel Schiavone - Banjo, Bob Becquillard - Drums
Wethersfield, CT. 29 June, 1974

Once In A While / My Sweetie Went Away / Mecca Flat Blues
The Red Onion Jazz Band
Bob Thompson - Drums / Leader, Lew Green - Clarinet, Denis Brady - Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Charlie Bornemann - Trombone, Hank Ross - Piano, Jack Harkavy - Tuba, Eric Hassell - Banjo, Natalie Lamb - Vocal, Thies Jensen - Guest Trumpet (cut one only)
Meriden, CT. 30 March, 1974

The Eel / Westmoreland Weave
Jim Cullum's Happy Jazz Band
Jim Cullum - Clarinet, Bobby Gordon - Clarinet, Mark Hess - Valve Trombone, Gene McKinney - Trombone, Cliff Gillette - Piano, Jim Newell - Banjo, Buddy Apfel - Soprano Saxophone (?), Harvey Kindervalter - Drums
Meriden, CT. 8 February, 1974

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