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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Innovations By Boyd Raeburn - Volume 2

Soft And Warm
Innovations By Boyd Raeburn
Volume 2
Savoy MG 15011

10 inch LP.

From Billboard - July 21, 1951: In music circles some four or five years ago, there was a considerable to do over the rather sensational concert approach which Boyd Raeburn had employed for his new band. The band, hitting at a time when Woody Herman and Stan Kenton were immovable from the top rungs of the big band jazz ladder, never really got off the ground in the market. However, its recording, then issued on Jewel Records, received quite a bit of attention. These disks now have been reissued in long-play form and, at least in sound, are an improvement over the originals. An appraisal of the content of these disks at this point would show that the Raeburn idea, put into practical action by arrangers George Handy and Ed Finckel, was quite pretentious and windy but produced many moments of fascinating sound and modern "progressive" jazz touches. "Boyd Meets Stravinsky" still stacks up as something of a big band jazz masterwork, for instance. The half dozen or so vocals in the three volume are shared between Ginnie Powell and David Allyn, the latter a particularly gifted young man. Jazz fans of the modern school will most particularly want to have this complete disk documentary of the noble Raeburn experiment.

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Soft And Warm

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