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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Baile Con Cortijo Y Su Combo - Ismael Rivera

A Bailar Mi Bomba
Baile Con Cortijo
Y Su Combo
(Dance with Cortijo and his combo)
con Ismael Rivera
Cover: Lee Myles Assoc. N.Y.C
Seeco Gold Series

From the back cover: All centers of the world have typical music and songs, and Puerto Rico is no exception. In this beautiful tropical paradise, the typical is the Plena, Bomba and Danza. Puerto Rico has had many composers of these rhythms, but all of the interpretations Cortijo & His Combo are the number one stylists. Cortijo is classified as the best interpreter of these songs, especially of the Bomb and Plena. The vocalist, Ismael Rivera is perfectly matched with this group as his singing is considered the best for these songs. SEECO is pleased to release this second LP of Contijo & His Combo.

El Negro Bembon - Guaracha
Alegria Y Bomba - Bomba
Dejalo Que Suba - Plena
Te Lo Voy A Contar - Bomba
El Satellite - Plena
Huy Que Pote - Plena
El Chivo De La Campana - Guaracha
Con La Punta Del Pie, Teresa - Bomba
Lo Deje Llorando - Plena
A Bailar Mi Bomba - Bomba
Lo Tuyo Es Cronico - Plena

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