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Sunday, July 9, 2017

This Modern World - Stan Kenton

Stan Kenton Conducts This Modern World
Composed By Bob Graettinger
Capitol Records H 460

10 inch LP. 

Terrific stuff from Kenton's experimental period that can be download from online vendors as a part of City Of Glass.

From the back cover: Graettinger's writing methods and style are most unusual. He uses mathematical computations in his work, like an architect calculating the necessary physical support for his artistic conception. In making notations he employs a striking system of color charts and graphs (their interesting visual patterns have been adapted for this album's cover).

He has spent over a year on this composition, his first to be recorded since the controversial City Of Glass. Like the work of any sincere modernist, it is not designed for easy acceptance; but the open-minded listener will find in it a creative imagination that is exciting, dramatic, and greatly rewarding.

Graettinger died of lung cancer in 1957. He was 33 years old.

A Horn
Some Saxophones
A Cello
A Thought
A Trumpet
An Orchestra

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