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Monday, December 12, 2016

Time For Love - Gerard Blene

Time For Love
Orchestra Conducted By Gerard Blene
Notes by Mike Gross
Jubilee 1029

Audio files are available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. I'm presenting it here to share the original dramatic cover design.

From the back cover: Although he's a musician and not a playwright, M. Blene knows how to build dramatic values. He does it with a baton instead of a typewriter. He does it by leading a regiment of close to forty-five musicians through a musical repertoire that's handled with an understanding of purpose. It's rich, tasteful, and above all, romantic... designed for the ear as well as the heart.

This set plays through as described above and more like a "mood concept" effort rather than just a collection of songs. Listening to the entire set plays through on disc, rather than by the song as downloaded, would be helpful in enjoying the sonic experience as Blene designed it.

Time For Love
Natchez Nocture
Come Back My Love
Who Knows
Inspire Me
Jack Of Hearts
The Angels Teardrop
The Midnight Waltz
Shirley's Tunes
I Gave My Heart
Look Into My Eyes

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