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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Hits Of Kay Starr

Fool, Fool, Fool
The Hits Of Kay Starr
Capitol Records

From Billboard - June 5, 1954: Some of the top hits turned out over the past three years by thrush Kay Starr are contained in this new set. What more could any Kay Starr fan wants? The cover is attractive, too.

Wheel Of Fortune
Comes A-Long A-Love
Three Letters
Bone part's Retreat
Fortune In Dreams
The Man Upstairs
I Waited A Little Too Long
Kay's Lament
Half A Photograph
Fool, Fool, Fool
Alex-Vous-En, Go Away
If You Love Me

1 comment:

  1. In the summer 0f 1986 I still had a turntable and I stopped by a yardsale and got a 45 of Kay Star sing side by side. The Flip side was wheel of fortune.
    I liked her singing but the record was kind of scratched up. Years later I bought it on CD on a greatest hits compilation!


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