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Monday, August 8, 2016

Lovers In Rome - Monia Liter

Lovers In Rome
Monia Liter And His Orchestra
Richmond High Fidelity
A Product Of London Records B 20010

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample, however, the jacket art was worth sharing.

From Billboard - August 5, 1957 (London LL-1687 review): Here are 15 bands of Latin-tinged mood music. Well recorded and attractively interpreted, the music highlights strings and a mandolin is contrasting bright and quiet moods. It's similar to a goodly number of others both in quality and selection; also competition in name value alone is substantial. Play it cool on this.

I didn't expect much from this album, but as mood sets go, this is a decent thematic effort along the lines of something you might see produced by Jackie Gleason.

This colorful budget reissue features the price printed as part of the design.

London also released a Liter set titled Lovers In Paris (LL 1643),  which apparently preceded this attempt to create a series of Liter "romantic destination theme" packages.

Chianti Song
Tango Teneriffa
Andalusian Girl
Anna Marie
Italian Street Scene
Canzone D'Amore
Lovers In Rome
The Magic Fountains Of Rome
Tango De Casino
Sicilian Lullaby

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