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Friday, August 19, 2016

Bonnie Lou Sings!

I'm Available
Bonnie Lou Sings!
King Records - Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: Bonnie Lou is more than a singer... she is almost an "International Institution." Her tremendous popularity in England, Scotland, Australia and other countries, coupled with her local and national popularity have made her more than a star. Her appeal is so strong it has made her a "make believe" personal friend and visitor to the thousands who have devotedly watcher her on television... and to those who know her as "only a voice" on radio.

This talented young woman has such a sincere, neighborly way of singing, and portraying a song, she seems instinctively to "catch" the story and the meaning, and translate it to music. This talent, plus an abundant amount of blonde, blue-eyed, feminine beauty has won her a following numbering men (who think her as a girl-friend), women (who feel she is the sister, or the girl next door), children (who love her friendly charm), and Grandfolks (who visualize her as their daughter).

Bonnie Lou has been appearing professionally for about 14 years. At the age of 13, still in pigtails, she started out as a country singer on radio in Bloomington, Illinois. Because of her unique manner in portraying a song, listeners took interest and expressed opinions to the station. Thus, in her early teens, she made her first professional impression on the public. At 18, Bonnie Lou joined the Midwestern Hayride. Since then she has played fairs, stage shows, conventions, centennial celebrations, etc., where her individual styling is always in demand.

One would never know from the numbers offered in this album that Bonnie Lou first came to the attention of the public by her ability for yodeling, but it was a natural heritage, handed down by a Swiss grandmother. From folk singing and barn-dancing activities, she progressed to the popular field.

Tennesse Wig Walk
Teen Age Wedding
Papaya Mama
The Texas Polka
I'm Available
Seven Lonely Days
Waiting In Vain
Runnin' Away
No Rock 'N Roll Tonight
Tennessee Mambo
No Heart At All
Dancin' In My Socks
Miss The Love (That I've Been Dreaming Of)
Little Miss Bobby Sox

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