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Friday, July 22, 2016

Redd Harper And His Guitar

If Man Should Reach The Moon
Redd Harper And His Guitar
I Walk The Glory Road
Christian Faith Recordings RH-1253
Produced By Alma Records, Inc. - Reseda, California

From the back cover: Redd Harper was a famous entertainer before he decided one night to devote and dedicate his life to the work of God. This important change came about when he attended a meeting of the Hollywood Christian Group presided over by Roy Rodgers. From that moment, Redd Harper found that his God-given talent for singing and writing could be used to the glory of our Lord.

During the next three years, he traveled with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Group and was chosen to play the title role in the film "Mr. Texas." He later appeared in "Oil Town USA" and in other Christian films. Redd now has his own evangelistic meetings, singing and telling his thrilling testimony of what the Lord means to him.

Each Step Of The Way
Christian Fellowship
How Glreat Thou Art
Will You Meet Me
If Man Shoulld Reach The Moon
It Is No Secret
Lord Keep You Hand On Me
Does Jesus Lead The Way
The Truth Shall Make You Free
Dumb Ole Country Boy
I Walk The Glory Road
Until We Meet Again

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