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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Dueling Banjos - Curtis McPeake

Doodling' Banjos Part II
The Dueling Banjos
As From The Motion Picture Deliverance
Featuring Banjo by Curtis McPeak
Power Records POW-MOE-210

Cover Photo: Ray Pike
Liner Notes: Deddie Pearson
Produced: Tommy Hill (who also appears to have done most of the arranging)
Art Work: IDG
Back Liner Art: Jenny Mehlenbacher

From the back cover (which actually features only type and no "liner art"): In this album you hear the version, "The Dueling Banjos," done by Curtis Mcpeake, the featured banjo artist of The Nashville Brass.

Presented here because The Atomic Attic enjoys "exploitation" sets. This budget bluegrass set from Power Records was made to cash in on the popular opening song from the movie Deliverance. Even though, it appears that Power worked hard to make this album something to listen to, the title tune lacks the energy of the original popular song as do many of the tracks.

None-the-less, the last track on the LP (sample above), a banjo solo, manages to sound spontaneous or fresh.

Dueling Banjos
Worried Man
Brassy Bluegrass
Home Sweet Home
Sally Goodin'
Doodling' Banjos Part 1
Red Dress
Black Mountain Rag
Old Joe Clark
Doodling' Banjos Part II

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