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Monday, November 23, 2015

The 50th State - Charles Bud Dant

Maui Island Chant
The 50th State
Charles Bud Dant And His Orchestra
Coral CRL 57270

From the back cover: Charles Bud Dant is a talented conductor-composer-arrange who has written, orchestrated and performed the music for radio and TV shows such as "Comedy Hour," "Meet Corliss Archer" and "The Dennis Day Show"; he has been musical director for NBC in Hollywood, and arranger for many top orchestras. Listen now, as Mr. Dant and his orchestra brilliantly and authentically interpret this outstanding collection of island favorites.

From Billboard - August 10, 1959: Familiar Hawaiian tunes with a couple of new novelties pegged to the entry of the island group into the Union ("The Fiftieth State," "Hawaii is the 50th Star"). These are choral arrangements and very satisfying. Could attract customers who dig Hawaiian.

I hear a number of space age gimmicks, both choral and instrumental, that will be used on super light pop arrangements through out the 60s. Those tracks do not, however, work all that well in support of the more classic 50s cover art Coral selected to help market this project. I've picked one of several tracks, by way of example that is very much different in tone from the rest of the set. This tune does support the "exotic" vibe of the cover.

The Fifth State
Island Medley
A Song Of Old Hawaii
Keep Your Eyes On The Hands
Maui Island Chant
Song Of The Islands
Hawaii Is The 50th Star
Sweet Hawaiian Medley
Cocoanut Grove
My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii
Ua Like No A Like
Hawaiian Wedding Song

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