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Monday, November 30, 2015

Billie Holiday - George Wallington

Everything A Good Man Needs
Billie Holiday
With George Wallington
Lovely Blue Child
Spinorama M-139

Sold as a "Holliday" set even though the jacket features the title of a Wallington track. This LP is a budget Spinorama split disc featuring Holiday tunes on the A side and Wallington tracks on the B side.

The Holiday material is well known, whereas, the Wallington material (appearing as "The Artistry Of George Wallington" on the label), perhaps, less so.

Wallington's obituary suggests perhaps, that one of his first professional dates playing piano for a name artist, was gigging with Billie Holiday in a Greenwich Village club.

The Wallington side steals the show on this budget project making collecting the LP well worth the effort.

T'ain't Nobody's Business
Them There Eyes
He's Funny That Way
Detour Ahead
Everything A Good Man Needs
Lonely Blue Child
You Walked Out On Me Again
Melancholy Holiday

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