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Monday, July 13, 2015

Fly My Love - Arthur Prysock


Arthur Prysock
Fly My Love
Arrangements and Orchestra Direction by Bill McElhiney
King KS 1088

Secret Love
More Than You Know
Didn't We
I'll Get Along Tomorrow
How Do I Tell Her
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
I Want To Talk About You
Go Ahead And Fly
Our Day Will Come

1 comment:

  1. I had post a comment awhile back, but I do not see it. So I'm assuming
    it did not post well.

    Thank you for a glimpse of this illusive Lp. I Love it to the ground.
    I use to have a copy on Lp, but somehow I'm not able to find it for a
    long time now.
    However, I would love it more if you could
    post Go Ahead and Fly for me... It's my favorite track.
    If you wish to send me a mp3 of the via my email, I will be grateful.

    Thanks again Mark

    One Love....

    Big Up!@!


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