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Saturday, January 10, 2015

An Evening With The Flames - George Abdo

An Evening With The Flames
George Abdo and his Flames Of Araby Orchestra
Music Of The Near East
Cover models: Dancer Kazandra, Vina and Tom Haddad
Produced by Rik Tinory
Recorded at RFT Music Productions
The Flames Of Araby Record Company

The set is available online as part of the Monitor catalog (so I will not be posting a sample) featuring an image from the Monitor vinyl release (MFS 721).

This release seems to be a more obscure release/cover (self-produced?).

The set is a good one, in the sense that the engineering is excellent compared to many of these more traditional "near east" recordings.

El Badree (Dance and Rejoice)
Ilhak Halak (Beware of Love)
Ya Wail (Don't Play With Fire)
Dance: Flames of Araby
Ya Karim Allaly (Under the Grapevine)
Al Asforieh (You're Driving Me Crazy)
Shuty Ya Dini (Rains of Spring)
Do Oul Mazahir (A Taste of Wine)
Arabic Fantasy (Dance)
Ya Gameel (Arabic Love Ballad)

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