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Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Music For Horns - The Horn Club Of Los Angeles

Nonet For Brass
New Music For Horns
The Horn Club Of Los Angeles
Producer: George Sponhaltz
Angel S-36036

From the back cover: Nonet For Brass / Moderate - Song - With good humor - Swing a little

Gunther Schuller / Lines and Contrasts for 16 horns conducted by the composer

William Kraft / Games: Collage No. 1 for 22 brass and 4 percussion soloist conducted by the composer

Alex Wilder / Nonet for Brass conducted by Gunther Schuller

Lines And Contrasts For 16 Horns / Composed By – Gunther Schuller 10:22
Madrigal / Composed By – Roland de Lassus 1:22
O Che Splendor / Composed By – Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina 2:15
Nonet For Brass Composed By – Alec Wilder 8:39

Games: Collage No. 1 Composed By – William Kraft 8:12
Suite For Horns / Composed By – Roger Johnson (4) 6:57
Ave Maria / Composed By – Tom├ís Luis de Victoria 2:17
Fanfare De Chasse / Composed By – Gioacchino Rossini 2:36

Horns: Dan Ashe, Arthur Briegleb, Huntington Burdick, James Decker, Vincent DeRosa, Leon Donfray, David Duket, Arthur Frantz, Thomas Greer, William Hinshaw, George Hyde, Waldemar Linder, Sinclair Lott, James McGee, Richard Mackey, Hyman Markowitz, Todd Miller, Caswell Neal, Richard Perissi, George Price,  Ralph Pyle,  Alan Robinson, Gale Robinson, Irving Rosenthal, Harry Schmidt, Eugene Sherry & Victory Vener

Trumpets: Irving Bush, Robert DiVall, Donald Green, Malcolm McNab, Mario Guarneri & Thomas Stephens

Bass Tuba: Roger Bobo, Roger Culbertson & John Johnson

Percussion: Charles DeLancey, Mitchell Peters, Walter Goodwin & Barry Silverman

Bass Tuba – Roger Bobo, Roger Culbertson, John Johnson*
Horn –     ,  (2),   (3),    Victor Vener, Waldemar Linder,
Horn [Descant Horn] –
Horn [Natural Horn] –  (2)
Horn, Tuba [Wagner Tuba] –
Percussion –
Timpani – Barry Silverman
Trumpet –  (3),   *

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