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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jet Set - 101 Strings

Jet Set
101 Strings
Alshire/Budget Sound S-6043

From the back cover: The Jet Set… A way of life – an attitude. Their spas and haunts – each has its glamour, sound and élan. New places, new dances, tastes and colors… all indigenous to the Jet Set…

Another collection of tunes by Monty Kelly (house writer/arranger) with A Hard Day's Night / Lennon-McCartney) and Paradise Lost (Montana) as exceptions.

The tracks, assembled from other 101 collections, can be found individually through multiple online vendors.

My copy features the "B" side label on both sides of the disc.

A Hard Day's Night
Puerto Vallarta
Paradise Lost
Cantina Tarosa
Carnaval Do Rio
Killer Joe A Go Go
Bahia De Acapulco

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