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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Julie London

Julie London
Liberty LRP 3096

From Billboard - May 26, 1958: Soft-voiced Julie London works up a fine romance here with a nice set of relaxed jazz standards, showcased perfectly by unobtrusive but well-done backings by Jimmy Rowles' ork. Her sultry off-beating on "Daddy" is enough to make any red-blooded deejay race to his turntable, and the cover shot of leggy Miss London relaxing in a wire chair in a set of Baby Doll pajamas, will play havoc with masculine blood pressures.

From the back cover: Long have we suspected that your roots were embedded in jazz -- here is proof positive. Impeccable as is the intonation and phrasing, none of the famous London approach of a basic honesty is sacrificed. And, Julie, to my mind this bespeaks true artistry. No matter how great the mood, how swinging the beat, we believe each word that you tell me. – Si Waronker

I second the above and say again, "…we believe each word you tell me." Outstanding arrangements and London's smokey voice in top form.

Somebody Loves Me
Dream Of You
Bye Bye Blackbird
Free And Easy
All My Life
When The Red, Red Robbin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along
Midnight Sun
You'er Getting To Be A Habit With Me
Don'cha Go Way Mad
For You.

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  1. I learned long ago that we're true brothers in arms!
    Look and listen to my records!
    Always with you - George White, St. Petersburg


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