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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Aphrodisia - Jackie Gleason

Violet Mist
Jackie Gleason Presents
Produced by Dick Jones
Capitol Records W1250

From Billboard - October 5, 1959: Another in the long series of delightful mood albums inspired by Gleason. This one features big banks of shimmering strings, with the fine organ assistance of (Wild) Bill Davis. Tunes are all Gleason originals and bear such titles as "Pastel Flame", Dawn Desire," "Pink Chiffon" and "Perpetual Emotion," which advance the mood as noted in the set's title. Mighty satisfying listening and jocks will find some good bands here as well.

Billboard nailed it. From the title and cover art to the song titles and the tracks themselves, this is another brilliant piece of conceptual mood art from Gleason!

Blue Crystal
Pastel Flame
Dawn Desire
Violet Mist
Silver Sunset
Pink Chiffon
Perpetual Emotion
Orange Velvet
Farewell Rendezvous

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