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Friday, May 23, 2014

Perfect For Dancing Mambos

Perfect For Dancing Mambos
Produced and prepared under the direction of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios
RCA Victor LPM-1067

Plays through like a decent mid-50s Mambo album, rather than a background dance music disc.

From the back cover: It is interesting to note that a recent mambo contest in Arequipa, Peru, was won by an 18-year-old girl in partnership with a gay blade of 75. If, as doctors continually remind us, our sedentary nation needs more exercise to attain longevity, the mambo may very well be the perfect, most pleasant-tasting prescription.

Me lo Dijo Adela - Tito Rodriquez
Sugar Blues - Tito Rodriquez
Ran-Kan-Kan - Tito Rodriquez
Donde Estabas Tu - Tito Rodriquez
Un Chivirico Mas - Aldemaro Romero
Mambo In Brass - Aldemaro Romero
Piel Canela - Noro Morales
Tropical - Noro Morales
Hollywood Mambo - The Tony Martinez Quintet
La Enganadora - Perez Prado
Mario el Limpiabota - Perez Prado
Perdido - Perez Prado

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