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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Smooth As Silk - Wayne King

Lonely Acres
Smooth As Silk
Wayne King And His Orchestra
Decca Records DL 8353

Just add kittens and BAM… you've got an album cover with kittens on it.

From the back cover: Radio broadcasting made the Wayne King organization famous: the Wayne King program was voted the air-waves' Number One musical show for seven straight years. The band appeared in night clubs, auditoriums, and the finest hotels in the country. From radio to records to television was only a matter of time – the Wayne King Television Show became an instant hit. Honors of various sorts were awarded by the Chicago Federation of Advertising Clubs, by TV Forecast, and other media. The Wayne King orchestra was among the musical organizations chosen to play at President Eisenhower's inaugural ball.

Moonlight Melody
Make Believe
Alt Wien
Moon Love
Poor Butterfly
Anniversary Song
Lonely Acres
Blue Danube
I Love You Truly

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  1. Pretty nice. Might not have needed kittens at all, but adding kittens never hurts. I thought I just posted this a second ago but can't be sure it worked, so here I am, trying again..


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