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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Straight Down The Middle - Sauter-Finegan Orchestra

Have You Met Miss Jones? (LPM-1497)
Straight Down The Middle
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
RCA LPM-1497/LSP-1497

From the back cover: In reviewing the previously released Sauter-Finegan albums, Under Analysis, the following statement was made: "It appears that the Sauter-Finegan band is moving into a field which is not dance or jazz but almost that of musical commentators of our time."

Also from the back cover: At present time Eddie Sauter is busy filling his post as musical director of Sudewestfunk, the radio center in Baden-Baden, Germany, yet already Bill Finegan has received several Sauter arrangements for the next Sauter-Finegan album, an affair that promises to be as imaginative, as colorful and as thoroughly good as Straight Down The Middle!

Band members on this set include: Harvey Estrin, Al Block, Ray Shiner, Gene Allen, Wally Kane - Saxophones, Joe Ferrante, Al Maiorca, Nick Travis - Trumpets, Sonny Russo, Rex Peer, Tommy Mitchell - Trombones, Jay McAllister - Tuba, Nanette Norton, Janet Putnam - Harp, Dave Hildinger, Moe Wechsler - Bass - Piano, Milt Hinton - Bass, Barry Galbraith, Mundell Lowe - Drums and Joe Venuto - Percussion.

The Surrey With Fringe On Top
Sunshine Girl
Alright Already
Have You Met Miss Jones?
Aren't You Glad You're You
When A Woman Loves A Man
Scotch And Sauter
These Foolish Things
Straight Down The Middle

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