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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easy Jazz On A Fish Beat Bass - Greig McRitchie

Lonely Night
Easy Jazz On A Fish Beat Bass
Grieg McRitchie
Zephyr ZP12005G

From the back cover: Believing Rock and Roll to be a moving beat that is here to stay Greig McRitchie was given the assignment of arranging jazz above the fishnet or backbeat so characteristic of the music most popular with today's young people, Zephyr and McRitchie agreed to try one recording session – four tunes. If the idea didn't work the plan was to be scrapped. To hedge a little further on the experiment (and to get the best possible sound) it was decided to record on three separate tracks as well as the conventional quarter-inch tape. The three track machine made it possible to add or diminish level on each of the sections: rock and roll rhythm, bass and jazz – in the editing.

Set musicians included: Russ Freeman - piano, Joe Mondragon - bass, Shelly Manne - drums, Herbie Harper and Joe Howard - trombone, Ray Linn - trumpet, Larry Bunker - vibes, Buddy Collette - alto and flute, Tony Rizzi - guitar and Marty Berman - baritone.

A well balanced set that still sounds fresh.

Jeepers Creepers
McRitchie Doodle
Sometimes I'm Happy
Runnin' Wild
Fishbeat Blues
Lonely Night
Grieg's Bread
Sally's Back
Sophisticated Swing
Shuffle Off To Buffalo
Robbins Nest

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