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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chris Connor Sings Lullabys Of Birdland

Chris Connor
Sings Lullabys Of Birdland
Bethlehem Records BCP-6004

It is possible to find these songs if you look hard enough. CD packages seem to be available. So I will not be posting a sample. One of my favorite tracks from the album is the last one found on side two titled Goodbye.

Check out the cover image... Connor is more of a soft, smoky, bluesy "Julie London" type than a lounge singer belting out songs in a "show tune" style. Anyway... marketing decisions aside, I found my first exposure to Connor to be an excellent experience akin to, as mentioned, my favorite period female vocalist, Julie London.

Connor is backed by the talented Ellis Larkins' Trio, Vinnie Burke's Quartet with Art Mardigan on drums and Sy Oliver's Orchestra. Mixing up the support musicians helps keep the sound fresh throughout the album.

Highly recommended.

Lullaby Of Birdland
What Is There To Say
Try A Little Tenderness
Spring Is Here
Why Shouldn't I
Ask Me
Blue Silhouette
Chiquita From Chi-Wah-Wah
A Cottage For Sale
How Long Has This Been Going On
Stella By Starlight
Gone With The Wind
He's Coming Home

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