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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Toronto Mass

The Toronto Mass
A New Celebration For All To Sing
Rite Records - Cincinnati, Ohio
Sides #30853 & 30854

From the back cover: The Toronto Mass was written and arranged by Tim Elia. This recording was produced in Canada by Martin Robinson. These Mass settings and hymns blend blues, rock, jazz & classical forms and encourage dialogue between singer and the congregation. Tim Elia did the lead vocals, piano and organ on the recording; Mike Malone played trumpet and alto recorder; Frank Kubl also played trumpet; Paul Mosley played bass and drums; Jim Kenzie did vocals and guitar' Vic Voytek played drums; Mile Kennedy did congas and percussion; Mike Griffin did tymbali and percussion, and Jeanne-Marie LaCalamita did lead vocals. Intonations were by Pat Elia. The "congregation" was Mary Elia, Jean Kubl, Linda Mosley, Vera Cudjoe, Shal Kerov and Joan Kennedy.

USA Edition published by North American Liturgy Resources - Cincinnati, Ohio.

Entrance Hymn
Lord Have Mercy
Glory To God
Meditation Psalm
Trinity And Halleluiah
Offering Of The Gifts
Holy, Holy, Holy
Proclamation Of Faith
Lamb Of God

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