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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Burbank Philharmonic

These Boot Are Made For Walking
Hey Jude
The Burbank Philharmonic
Snuff Garrett Production
Produced By The Wilder Brothers
Engineer Walt Wilder
Bravo Records B-35504

I was in a hurry and almost thumbed past this album in the bin when the title, "Hey Jude" caught my eye. What the hell?

Holy blend of Dixieland and the hits of the day, Batman! What a fabulous LP! You have to hand it to the folks who risk making crazy records like this. Thumbs up Wilder Brothers!

From the back cover: ...they (The Wilder Brothers) have taken a traditional field and refurbished and revitalized the Dixie sound and convoluted it into a whole new bag... this hybrid has turned out to be an outstanding accomplishment and one of the most beautiful listening devices in many a moon. The Wilders constructed a special contra bass saxophone (that talks and wets), and stands eight feet tall (especially when it's proud).


  1. Fabulous, not much contra-bass sax on the web. Do you have the rest available?

    1. Thanks Doug! Generally, on my various blogs, due to a number of issues on my end, I only post samples. Mark


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