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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's Dance The Cha-Cha - Harry Ortega

The Late, Late Show
Let's Dance The Cha-Cha
Harry Ortega And The Caribe Tropical Orchestra
Capitol Records T1350

From Billboard May 16, 1960: Each of these three LPs (in the Lets Dance series) has, on the back side of its jacket, a clear and excellent "how to" diagram showing the basic maneuvers involved in each step. The orchestras involved also provide clear, rhythmic renditions, well and crisply performed. Virtually every selection on each disk falls into the category of "familiar favorites." some being of recent origin, while others are derived from the classics. As dance recordings, these rank among the best whether for learners of experts.
What Billboard said. The music, on the disc, is much better than what you typically find on your average period space age dance set.

Catch A Falling Star
The Late, Late Show
Dark Eyes
Tea For Two Cha
For Me And My Girl
Mack The Knife
Star Dust
Where Did We Go? Out.
Autumn Leaves
There Is A Tavern In The Town

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