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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Electronomusic 9 Images - John Pfeiffer

9 Images
Composition and Instrumentation by John Pfeiffer
Victrola VICS-1371

As a kid I was very much impressed by the movie Forbidden Planet. If fact, the movie is still one of my favorite films for art direction, effects and soundtrack. I hear aspects of that soundtrack in this work.

Pfeiffer apparently invented the processes and or instruments used on this album. Read his wiki profile for more information.

I will say that a number of tracks feature a unique "tempo" or "structure" that seems to set those tracks apart from the more moody 60s electronic sound I enjoy so.

However, by way of sample, I have to go with the track titled Forests rather than one of the debatably more uniquely structured pieces I just mentioned.

Side one

Warm-up Canon and Peace
For Inhamonic Side-Band

Reflection of a String
For Contraformer

For Programmer and Sines

Events for Parametric Blocks

Side two

Modes for Alphormer and Set

A Doutonic Transform

For Sequentail Sines

After Hours
For Ordered Simpliformer

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