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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Astromusical House Of Taurus

Work Song
The Astromusical House Of Taurus
Astro Stereo 1002
Astrological Series Volume 1
Produced By Paul Robinson

This is the second album I've found in this "Astromusical" series. Check out The Astromusical House Of Virgo.  The copy I have in hand is not the more common gate-fold, but rather a single sleeve.

Apparently each release featured a different arranger/conductor. However, I can't find credit for the arranger on this album.

The "astrology" concept seems like a curious way to market light pop music, but that's what the approach the producer went with.

Overall, this is a surprisingly good light pop album. The instrumental tracks are cool and jazzy.

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  1. The cover art alone may of sold hundreds of copies. lol

    Love the song ! Thank you !


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