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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Strange Interlude - Lew Davis And His Orchestra

Old Devil Moon
Strange Interlude
Lew Davis And His Orchestra
Originated and produced by Enoch Light
Art Direction by Charles E. Murphy
Cover Art by S. Neil Fujita
Command RS 829 SD

This jacket is not a book-fold jacket,  that was a more common Command jacket for this period.

The vibe of the album is like a Mancini "Pink Panther", understated and funky. The look of the cover art actually reflects the content.

Here is the list of notables from the back cover: Bass - Jack Lesberg and Bob Haggart, Reeds - Stanley Webb, Phil Bodner, Ezelle Watson and Al Klink, Drums - Phil Krais and George Devens, Ondioline - Sy Mann, Trombones - Bobby Byrne, Urbie Green and Dick Hixon, French Horn - Tony Miranda and Paul Faulise, Guitar - Tony Mottola, Therimin - Walter Sear and Paul Lippman and Cymbalum - Michael Szittai.

Riders In The Sky
Strange Interlude
In A Mist
Gone With The Wind
Wild Goose
Old Devil Moon
Ebb Tide
The Riddle Song
The Witching Hour


  1. I enjoy listening to records issued by Command. I don't just enjoy them only for the music but also for the excellent sound quality these recordings.

    1. Indeed. Possibly the best engineering of the period.


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